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And we need more help.....

Like many groups with links to the church in this parish, the members of the ATLAS committee are all (and I hope they will forgive me for saying so) getting a little long in the tooth – we need younger help! The role of ATLAS is to raise awareness and money within the parish for the benefit of people around the world who, for many reasons, have lives which leave much to be desired. I’m sure there are people in this parish who have generous hearts and would be able to give some time to help improve the lot of people much worse off than themselves. We are a practical group of people who meet only about four times a year and plan three main events – ATLAS Lunch in February, Summer Supper in June/July and Mission Sunday in October. We have raised money for a wide variety of causes including children orphaned by Aids in South Africa, the homeless in Worcester, the Mission for Seafarers and persecuted Christians across the world. If you would like know more about what we do and/or have suggestions for what we might do in the future, please get in touch – we need your support and help.

Thank you. 

Muriel Mitchell, Co-Chair of ATLAS, Tel: 860614

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