Five Alive

Communion at Home


It has for many years been the practice of the Church, as part of its ministry to the sick and housebound, and to those who for other reasons are unable to come to church for Holy Communion, to offer to bring consecrated bread and wine to the person's home; either immediately following the service in church, or at a later mutually convenient time. In this way someone who might otherwise feel isolated from the worshipping community may again feel a valued part of it. 

Although this ministry has been mentioned from time to time in Five-Alive, the Pastoral Care Group is rather concerned that this facility has recently been under-utilised, despite there being people in our congregations who are authorised to offer it. 

We would like to remind parishioners that this need can be met for those unable to join us for our church services.

Please feel free to discuss this with one of our lay leaders, or myself.

Celia Willis - Pastoral Care Group Co-coordinator.    Tel: 861348


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