Daily Bible Reading Notes

We all lead very busy lives today and we can easily find that the day has flown by with not a moment spent in learning from scripture or expressing how we feel to God in prayer.

We know, in our hearts that we do have much to learn to help us in our discipleship: and indeed, that to develop our relationship with God takes time: but where on earth do we even begin when there are so many demands upon us?

So what is the answer?

Like every other new discipline or good habit, the secret lies in getting rid of that feeling of being so totally overwhelmed that we end up doing nothing: and we begin in small ways that can develop and grow to suit us where we are now.

This is where DAILY BIBLE STUDY NOTES are absolutely invaluable, and in fact you do not always need a bible to hand if time is particularly short.

They work by quoting a piece of scripture which is then followed by a comment or teaching to make us think: and many of the notes then suggest a way that our follow up prayers might take.

It probably takes no more than a couple of minutes to read the notes: but it is amazing how what we have read remains with us during the day, no matter what we are doing.

If you have never used notes like these, you might like to follow the link below, and there is no cost involved.

Alternatively, you can subscribe in various ways as you will see from the link to The Bible Reading Fellowship Website.

Either way, it will change your life for ever. 

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