Healing Group

The Healing Group invites you to one of  the Towards Wholeness Services held each month.  Everyone is invited, because it is a service intended for all of us.

When we are born the first and most basic need is to be accepted just as we are. This acceptance needs to be sustained by good things so that we develop a sense of personal identity that makes it possible for us to achieve good goals in life.

Acceptance, Sustenance, Identity and Achievement form a cycle of the four basic human needs and this cycle is dynamic because it is relevant throughout the whole of our lives.

One great problem with modern living is that we reverse this cycle, placing achievement first which then means that acceptance becomes conditional on our achievements.

This reversal of the 4 basic needs lies very much at the heart of, and contributes greatly to why there is so much ill health in society because we can carry deep hurt and guilt from the past and still feel the hurt in the present.  Memories can be so painful that we hide them away in our subconscious and then live our lives behind a mask.

 As this occurrence is such a common factor in life, we all need healing. 

 You can be assured of a warm welcome


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Healing Group